Optimism Tokens Worth $36M to Be Unlocked on Sunday, Price Slumps 3.5%

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Bitcoin Shorts Take on 87% of Futures Liquidations as BTC Crosses $30K

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Tether Stability Made It the Safest Stablecoin Bet Amid U.S. Banking Crisis, Analysts Say

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The floor price of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection has slumped to a five-month low of 55.59 ether (ETH), according to Cryptowatch data. The slide in non-fungible token (NFT) prices occurred after pseudonymous holder 'franklinisbored' said on Twitter that he sold the majority of his collection. On-chain data shows that the user sold at least 27 BAYC NFTs over a 12-hour period, securing 1439.5828 ETH ($2.8 million) in the process. Franklinisbored explained his decision was due to 'unfortunate' real-life issues that prompted him to liquidate his NFTs. He fell victim to a rug pull on a nearly 2,000 ETH investment, which appeared 'credible' due to who else had invested in it. ApeCoin (APE), the native governance token for the Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem, remains flat over the past 24 hours in terms of its dollar valuation despite falling against ether trading pairs.A white hat hacker who targeted decentralized-finance (DeFi) platform Tender.fi has returned $1.6 million that was stolen on Tuesday, receiving a 62.15 ether (ETH) bug bounty worth $850,000 instead. The attack occurred after Tender.fi upgraded its price feed to relay data from a Chainlink pricing oracle as opposed to a time-weighted average price (TWAP). Tender.fi's code, which was audited by PeckShield, contained an error and returned a number with too many zeros behind it, allowing the attacker to deposit one GMX token, worth around $70, effectively tricking the system into allowing infinite borrows. The hacker left an on-chain message, 'It looks like your oracle was misconfigured. Contact me to sort this out.' Tender.fi reached out and agreed to pay the white hat hacker the bug bounty. The protocol plans to deploy a new rewritten oracle contract before unpausing borrowing and has vowed to repay any unpaid debt left behind by the hacker. The TND token, which plunged by 34% on Tuesday, was recently trading at $1.87 and has increased by 2.4% in the past 24-hours against its ethereum pair but remains down by 7.6% against its U.S. dollar pair following a crypto market rout. Vestibulum aliquet congue nunc a consect


Investing and trading platform Robinhood (HOOD) holds over $3 billion in bitcoin (BTC) in a single wallet, according to wallet data from Arkham Intelligence. This makes it the third-largest bitcoin holder behind crypto exchanges Binance and Bitfinex. The wallet, which was previously unknown, sparked speculations about its ownership, with some suggesting it could belong to financial behemoth BlackRock or crypto exchange Gemini. Robinhood transferred 118,300 bitcoin to the wallet from several other smaller wallets over a three-month period. The firm has not publicly commented on these holdings, but the transfers have shed light on the extent of Robinhood's bitcoin exposure despite low crypto trading volumes on its platform. Robinhood reported crypto trading revenue of just $31 million in the second quarter, down 18% from the previous quarter. The figures were 16% of the $193 million in trading revenue across all categories, which saw a 7% sequential decline. All of these holdings are held on the Bitcoin blockchain, with the first transactions made on March 8 and huge amounts of bitcoin transferred until July 14, according to data from BitInfoCharts.